Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Writer's Workout

                As I am getting older and the elders in my life are aging and having health problems, I've been thinking about some of my unhealthy habits. Most of my hobbies cause me to be sedentary. Playing certain video games, making jewelry and knitting aren't the most active hobbies in the world. And then there is the writing—hunched over a desk, writing on paper or sitting and staring at a computer screen—again, not very active.

                I also like watching TV and movies and I came across a meme on Facebook a few weeks ago which is an alternative to all the drinking games out there: the Harry Potter workout. I can watch Harry Potter movies and move around? How productive! What a good idea!

                So I decided to draw up a similar workout for people like me: the writer’s workout. I mixed up the instances that call for exercise so whether you are actually writing or procrastinating from writing, you will get some exercise in. I hope you find it useful:

If you:
Then you do:
Introduce a new character
10 jumping jacks
Stop writing & check your email
10 pushups
Stop writing & go on social media
15 pushups
Start a new page
10 crunches
Start a new chapter
10 lunges
Write a flashback
5 leg lifts
Stop to question or edit or work
20 crunches
Stop to get a drink
Stop to get a snack
Stop to take a break
Write a long chunk of dialogue
Write a joke
10 mountain climbers
15 squats
10 burpees
10 side lunges
30 second jump rope

                Happy writing and exercising! 


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